Main Series
Manual 2.2
Principal Manual

PM 0 Manual Binder Cover page

PM 00 Table of Contents

1 Licensing of CEFA

PM 1 WORKING AT CEFA – section title page

PM 1.1 General Duties and Responsibilities

PM 1.1.1 Managing Work Hours

ATO Information

PM 1.1.2 To-do List

PM 1.2 CEFA Development Principal Training Checklist

PM 1.3 How to use Feedback Form

PM 1.3.1 Feedback Form

PM 1.3.2 Feedback Poster

PM 1.4 Parent Surveys

PM 1.4.1 Enrolment Survey

PM 1.4.2 Withdrawal Survey

PM 1.5 Maintenance of Outdoor Play Equipment

PM 2 WORKING WITH THE STAFF – section title page

PM 2.1 Being a Leader

PM 2.1.1 School Events

PM 2.2 Evaluating a Teacher

PM 2.2.1 Senior Teacher Application Form

PM 2.3 Professional Development Days

PM 2.4 Staff Salary

PM 2.5 Coaching and Leadership

PM 3 WELCOMING A NEW TEACHER – section title page

PM 3.1 Application and Hiring Process

PM 3.2 Setting up a new Teacher

PM 3.2.1 Teacher Two-Day Immersion List

PM 3.2.2 Internal Orientation Form

PM 3.2.3 Personal Achievements Binder

PM 3.2.4 Confidentiality Agreement Form

PM 3.3 Teacher Exit Interviews

PM 3.3.1 Teacher Exit Interview Form

PM 4 WORKING WITH CEFA FAMILIES – section title page

PM 4.1 Accepting a New Student

PM 4.1.1 Applicant Student Admissions Interview Questionnaire

PM 4.1.2 Letter to Parents RE Welcome Night – Sample

PM 4.2 Exceptional Admissions

PM 4.2.1 Record of Application for Exceptional Admissions Form

PM 4.3 Enrolment Interview Questionnaire

PM 4.4 Eight Hour Maximum Policy

PM 4.4.1 Letter to Parents RE Eight Hour Policy 1 – Sample

PM 4.4.2 Letter to Parents RE Eight Hour Policy 2 – Sample

PM 4.5 Exemptions for Junior Kindergaren 1 and 2

PM 4.5.1 Letter to Inform Parents RE Exemptions – Sample

PM 4.5.2 Letter to Parents RE Exemption Permission – Sample

PM 4.6 CEFA Alumni References

PM 4.6.1 Alumni Reference Letters – Samples

PM 5 WORKING WITH ALL CEFA SCHOOLS – section title page

PM 5.1 Principal Meetings

PM 5.2 Team Meeting Preparation Checklist

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