Yoga and Mindfulness for Self-Regulation Teachers Booklet Pre-K and K Educators-CEFA


Musical Yoga Adventures: Linda Lara

  1. Sun Dance (Salutation)
  2. Strong and Free (Affirmation Rap)
  3. Autumn Tree
  4. Snowy Tree
  5. Springtime Tree
  6. Swimmin’
  7. Jungle Adventure
  8. Butterfly
  9. Snow Angel (Featuring Charles (Chaz) Bernon)
  10. Reflexion
  11. Namaste (Featuring Charles (Chaz) Bernon)
  12. Autumn Tree (instrumental)
  13. Snowy Tree (Instrumental)
  14. Springtime Tree (Instrumental)
  15. Swimmin’ (Instrumental)
  16. Jungle Adventure (Instrumental)
  17. Snow Angel (Instrumental)
  18. Namaste (Instrumental)


Musical Yoga Adventures  – World Journey: Linda Lara

  1. Sun Salutation (Featuring Cory Fandel & Nancy Coletti)
  2. Soar Like an Eagle (Featuring Jack Thompson & Robert Sands)
  3. In the Desert (Featuring Nancy Coletti)
  4. Dragon Song (Featuring Chip Mergott)
  5. Lean On Me: Partner Song (Featuring Nancy Coletti & Chip Mergott)
  6. Butterfly
  7. Monkey See, Monkey Do (Featuring Cory Fandel, Jack Thompson)
  8. Beautiful Baby: Song for Niya (Featuring Nancy Coletti)
  9. Sa Ta Na Ma (Featuring Nancy Coletti)
  10. Soar Like an Eagle (Instrumental)
  11. In the Desert (Instrumental)
  12. Dragon Song (Instrumental)
  13. Lean On Me: Partner Song (Instrumental)
  14. Monkey See, Monkey Do (Instrumental)
  15. Beautiful Baby: Song for Niya (Instrumental)
  16. Sa Ta Na Ma (Instrumental)

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